Point of view...

Point of view Michel Thill

So I guess we're not superior,

Not inferior either.

We must be equal then?

But what if we're not even that...

And there is something that we forget?


And I guess, it's not worth pondering

On whether we exist, or not exist,

For this moment is all there is

And it's not going to last...

In fact, it has already past.


I am constantly becoming

And decaying at once...

Transformation has taken me

Out of who I used to be.


And maybe, actually,

There is no such thing as I,

And no such thing as you,

No grass that is green 

And no sky that is blue...

We've all just made that up,

And we've come to believe that it's true.

But if we could change our point of view,

We could make up something new.