We believe that people, the places they inhabit and their livelihoods matter!

Social Landscapes is a London-based permaculture enterprise engaging communities to create places that support personal, social and ecological wellbeing.

We believe that healthy neighbourhoods need vibrant places and that these places need engaged communities. By using an entrepreneurial, permaculture and placemaking approach to what we do, we create urban environments where people and planet prosper.

"Human connection lies at the heart of human wellbeing!"

Strengthening the connection between people and the places they share, we observe far-reaching benefits that include:

·     Improved quality and accessibility of public spaces

·      Increased overall health and wellbeing of individuals

·      Social cohesion and reduced isolation

·      Increased community engagement and entrepreneurship

·      A wide range of ecological benefits such as increased biodiversity, improved air quality and climate mitigation


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