Michel Thill - Founding Director, Permaculture Designer & Teacher

Michel has studied Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning with a special interest in the relationship between ecological and cultural renewal. He's come across Permaculture during his studies and was drawn to its ability to bring together ecological design, community building, social justice and personal change. 

Michel has travelled extensively, staying in eco-communities across India and South-East Asia as well as Europe, learning about and applying Permaculture Design and Deep Ecology ideas and knowledge wherever possible. Michel has a particular affinity to Buddhist and mindfulness practices which inform the way in which he works.

He has mostly been based in London where he teaches Permaculture and supports various community and food growing projects through Social Landscapes. Inspired by Permaculture and Ecovillage Design principles, Social Landscapes seeks to create flourishing and resilient pockets within London through Permaculture trainings and engaging communities in reimagining the public spaces they live in.

Michel has been teaching Permaculture and Deep Ecology across Europe over the last years. He sees permaculture as a dance with nature, where nature takes the lead to create more harmonious places and futures for all.