2017 Creating Resilient Communities Permaculture Design Course

16 designers graduated with a Permaculture Design Certificate on the 2017 Permaculture Design Course at Treadwell. We visited venues such as Sutton Community Farm, Hazel Hill Woods, the Remakery, the Meadow Orchard Project and were blessed with guest teachers such as Duncan Law, Linda Royles and Kathie Bishop.

Some of what participants say:

"The course gave me a positive way forward in life. Before, I was thinking in terms of how I could reduce my impact, but now I see that my presence can have a positive influence, and with that comes optimism and hope for the future!"

"It was informative, interesting, important and inspiring...!"

"This course has given me a new, more hopeful lens to see and connect to the world through."

"Relaxed, fun and warm."

"A really eye-opening course that equipped me with practical and empowering ways to understand and respond to environmental and social issues."


"Its given me a framework for living with much greater depth, connection and understanding of what is possible."

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