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Tread Well on Earth - A 2-Day Introduction to Permaculture

  • Treadwell 5 Tredwell Close London, England, SW2 3TL United Kingdom (map)

A 2-day Introduction to Permaculture

March 15th & 16th, a Thursday and Friday

Learn the basics of Permaculture Design on this two-day Introduction to Permaculture and be ready to try it out in your garden, your workplace and your life.

Tread well on earth Introduction to Permaculture south london

What will the Introduction to Permaculture course offer?

Permaculture London Social Landscapes PDC

This course introduces the basics of Permaculture and shows how this fascinating design methodology can profoundly change the way we look at the world and engage in it. The course gives participants an understanding of the diverse uses and applications of Permaculture Design and its immense potential of turning scarcity into abundance. Participants will walk away with:

… a clear understanding of what Permaculture is, its origins, the context under which it came about and its development;

… knowledge of its ethical framework, the basic ecological, attitudinal and some design principles;

… an overview of its applications in various fields, as a response to social, economic and environmental challenges and as a tool for personal transformation and social change;

… having tested the basic design methodology and various design tools such as mapping, zoning, sector analysis and input-output analysis;

… having visited a local project and engaged in some practical permaculture gardening activity;

… enthusiasm and inspiration, as well as some tools for continued learning and application.

"I found the Permaculture Principles we learned all relevant to my life. If I never touch a plant again, my life will still have been changed by this experience."

- Daniel, permaculture intro course participant


The course will be delivered by Tish Vail.

Tish came across the word Permaculture shortly after finishing her degree in Interior Architecture & Design, however it wasn't until 10 years later that she started to investigate permaculture design in more depth. In the interim years she had spent her time, travelling, working for a variety of London based design studios and studying yoga.

Having spent many years living in a yoga community, she realised that this way of life had many parallels to that of Permaculture with an intended ethical focus. This naturally created a holistic way of living which took into consideration the welfare of individuals, the community as a whole and its environment.

Permaculture has given Tish the opportunity to combine what she's learnt through her yoga studies with the knowledge and practical experience gained by working in the commercial design world.

Tish has a keen interest in the urban and social application of Permaculture. She helps run Social Landscapes and has been involved in running community cohesion events and leading local gardening sessions. Tish has spent time in Nepal learning natural building and has helped build earth bag houses after the earth quake in 2015. She has also assisted on Woven Earth's Permaculture intensive course in Bali on Tirti Gangga's organic farm. At the beginning of this year she successfully completed a Permaculture Teacher Training at Applewood Farm under the tutorship of Chris Evans and Looby Macnamara.

Tish believes Permaculture is a simple methodology that is accessible to everyone. Nature has all the answers we just need to apply creative thinking - permaculture gives us a structure to do that.



The workshop venue is Treadwell, a cosy and friendly private house in Streatham Hill, London.


We suggest a vegetarian potluck lunch. Everyone brings food for themselves plus one and we will end up having an abundant meal. Tea and refreshments will be provided.

Registration and pricing

For enquiries, please contact Tish: 

For registration, please complete the form below. We will then be in touch about your payment.

Be aware that we have a limited number of spaces (15) and we will work on first come first served basis. If your payment hasn't come through at least a week before the course, we offer your place to people on the waiting list.

We are running this course on a suggested contribution policy, that means you can pay according to your means. Those that can contribute more make it accessible for others that might not have the means. So far this has worked for us. You do need to make some sort of payment to book your place. Please do get in touch for reservations.

For the 2-day Introduction to Permaculture Course we suggest a donation between £75 and £150

Finances for this course:

£50 will cover expenses for teas, refreshments, stationary and other material needed on the course.

£180 will cover venue cost for two days, that includes setting up and cleaning the space.

£920 will cover the pay for organisation and facilitation fee for two facilitators.

The minimum we are hoping to get from this course is therefore £1150 to cover the above mentioned cost.

The next £150 will go into Social Landscapes overheads.

Other surplus is very welcome and will go into local community events and work.

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