Permaculture Design & Regenerative Leadership Trainings

Are you an individual looking to learn about applied ecology, community engagement and regenerative design? Have you been looking for the perfect course to learn about Permaculture, getting started or working towards a diploma?

We organise a range of Permaculture and regenerative leadership courses, including:

  • 72h Permaculture Design Certificate Course (accredited by the UK Permaculture Association)
  • 2-day Introduction to Permaculture Course
  • Social Permaculture Courses
  • The Art of Hosting and the Art of Participatory Leadership Trainings
  • Deep Ecology Workshops
  • Ecovillage Design Inspired Courses
  • Immersions into Soil and Composting

Why not combine our courses with some of our other services and f.ex. use a Permaculture Course to create a design for your community project?