Employee Volunteering & Training

Corporate Team Challenges

We partner with a range of community groups and can offer exciting engagement opportunities tailored to meet your needs:

  • You will use and expand a range of your skills
  • You will have a design challenge and an opportunity to practice your problem solving skills
  • You will reflect on leadership qualities and your behaviour in the group
  • You will build stronger relationships within your team and get to know each other
  • All while you have a huge social and/or environmental impact
  • You will receive a project report with pictures, quotes and impact to use for your businesses' CSR purposes

Community Consultation Challenges

We can organise community consultation challenges where your business achieves real impact by providing to the community organisation (park groups, TRAs) insights into the communities needs. You will then be involved in organising a community consultation event, where survey material is integrated into future planning.

Corporate tasks on these changes would include:

  • Consulting local residents and carrying out surveys by meeting people on pop up stations and by door-knocking in the respective areas
  • Supporting and participating in community consultation, problem solving and participatory design events
  • Supporting the implementation of projects
  • Supporting the regular maintenance of spaces
  • In kind donations for materials and equipment

Gardening for Wellbeing

Are you looking for a truly special experience to offer your community or business? Do you want to increase the group's self and social awareness, increase people's happiness and wellbeing? Do your employees have regular struggles dealing with stress and too heavy workloads?

This is your opportunity. We will introduce you to reflective practices inspired by mindfulness and participatory processes; participants will engage in contemplative work activities in outdoor environments. These activities are transferable to every day situations at work, in the family and in life. Reflective, contemplative and mindfulness based practices increase happiness, wellbeing and thereby effectiveness, efficiency and creativity.