Sylviane Herren - Community Storyteller

Syl Social Landscapes

Sylviane is a storyteller. She listens to what people and places tell her, and shares their wisdom under a tree, around the fire, or in a cosy room lit by candlelight.

She runs storytelling workshops at Treadwell once a month. The purpose is to explore our inner landscapes in a seriously playful way and rewild our imagination with a zest of creativity. 

Sylviane has studied economics in Belgium. In London, she has supported various CSOs in developing and facilitating learning initiatives to influence policy-making. Her sweet spot is to work for organisations that empower economically vulnerable groups, especially women. She is also a passionate coach for social entrepreneurs and artisans of life. 

She is a storyteller for North London Cares, a member of U-Lab Brixton and an eager dancer at Sweaty Thursdays and Full Moon dances in Vauxhall. She paints furniture that she finds in the street, and loves wolves.