Jamie - Gardener & Wood Worker

Jamie is passionate about creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces for people and wildlife to flourish in - improving London's air quality and growing healthy food.

He has recently returned to London, after living in Devon for the past 6 years. In Devon he gained a wealth of experience in rural skills, incl. hedgelaying, drystone walling, traditional coppicing, basket making, tool maintenance and woodwork. The experience in these traditional crafts layed the foundations for an apprenticeship in Woodland Management and Green Woodworking.

With Social Landscapes, he now applies his numerous skills to London gardens, working as a gardener, designer, woodworker and consultant. 

Jamie is fascinated by the symbiotic and cooperative nature of plants and fungi, and applies these principles to creating relationships between wildlife and our human settlements.

SLWoodworking, Hedgelaying, Rural Skills